▮WHAT TO EXPECT with Acupuncture Treatment Session
The very 1st Visit
Your first acupuncture appointment will usually last about 90 minutes.
We start with thorough conversation about your health concerns, past health history, lifestyle, and goals for treatment. This converation is an important part in Oriental Medicine Diagnose, and allows the acupuncturist to get to know your health condition better.
Then you will be asked to show your tongue- the structure, color, and coating of your tongue. This will provide the health condition of your internal organs and external symptoms..
We will spend some time feeling your pulse. In Oriental Medicine, pulse papation is very different from western medicine aspect which will focuses on the heart rate. Your pulse will be palpated in six different positions-three on each wrist. each position provides information on your intrenal organs and we often find the internal cause of that specific sytmptoms that you may experience.
Depending on your specific health concerns, the acupuncturist will also perform physical examination, Most often palpation(examination by touch) to help understand your condition. For example if you have lower back pain, we will palpate your lower back to understand the location and nature of your pain.
If possible, please try to wear comfortable clothing for your appointment. However, gowns and linens are always available in the treatment rooms.
Please eat sensibly (avoid caffeine/wine as it may change your heart rate and color of the tongue and blueberries or similar that might change the color of the tongue) a few hours before your appointment for the purpose of better tongue diagnose. Please do not starve or eat too much before the treatment.
Treatments can vary depending on your individual needs and considerations. In addition to acupuncture, your treatment may include cupping, auricular acupuncture, electrical needle stimulation and some physical therapy.
Once acupuncture needles are inserted into appropriate points onto your body, your acupuncturist will usually heave you to relax in your treatment room for up to 20 minutes, allowing the needles sufficient time to influence your body’s qi. During this rest time most patients become deeply relaxed and many fall asleep.
Acupuncture needles are very fine needles unlike conventional syringe and if you blow it, it will even bent so don’t worry too much. You may feel numbness, soreness, heaviness, or distending sensation, we consider you feel “arrival of qi” and it is better to have such sensation meaning the acupuncture needles are working through the points and the meridians as it stimulates the channels and meridians. This “arrival of qi” is especially improtant in acupuncture treatment.
Follow-up Visits
Your follow-up visits will last about one hour. Follow-up visits, acupuncturist examine your tongue, pulse, and perform physical examination, focusing primarily on progress and changes in your condition as well as any new concerns. Your individual needs determine how often and for how long, you will need to receive treatment. As your condition improves, and your symptoms are alleviated, the frequency of your treatments may be slowly reduced.